viaLog offers its services on the basis of fixed prices, fees charged based on time and effort required or in accordance with the regulations set out in HOAI (Regulations on Architects’ and Engineers’ Fees).

The ROI of the viaLog performance

When you launch and implement a project with viaLog, viaLog’s services soon deliver a return on investment:

  • Our concept saves money, as you do not take any steps in the wrong direction. By using standardised modules, it is possible to ensure development in stages.
  • viaLog works as a professional buyer on your behalf: We guarantee intense competition, negotiate effectively by bringing our commitment and experience on board and noticeably lower the costs for transport, building materials, logistics technology and IT.
  • Secure, customer-orientated contracts prevent additional charges from suppliers and ensure prices remain stable for future cooperations. Systematic fine tuning allows us to achieve and exceed targets, while reducing logistics expenses.